Do You Ever Wonder Why You Are Here?

Not on this page, but in life. I spent many nights wrestling around with that very question.

What am I doing? 

What is my purpose?

How to stop feeling stuck? 


Why won't this eye twitch stop? 

At that time I was fighting depression and the monotony of life. 


Hi! My name is Stacy Laine and I am a Mindset Life and Business Coach and I understand what it feels to be stuck in life. In a job you don't like anymore. A relationship that emotionally feels like the distance between here and China. Living in a body that you wish you could trade in for a different one.  And just feeling lost and thinking what do I do now? Then I took all of those feelings and buried it under over-eating, compulsive shopping, secretive gambling, and tasty cocktails. No wonder I was broke all of the time and gaining weight quickly! Which stressed me out so I would smoke a pack of cigarettes every day. It was a vicious cycle. 

So yes, I can help you and I know this because I finally took the brave leap out of my comfort zone to gain control of my go-nowhere life. I quit my corporate middle management career of 17 years, sold 90% of everything I own, let go of all of my vices, left my hometown of Portland, Oregon, went back to school, lost a heap of weight through better self care, became a global traveler, and changed my career to help people like you. The biggest life lesson through this:



This lesson alone has made me so sad. I have lost YEARS of my life where I could have been living my best life in my teens, 20s and my 3os. Instead, I was stuck in my past, surviving my present and not looking ahead. This lesson alone inspired me to help others create their own personal awesome realities. I want to see people live a life they don't want to escape through various vices or having to take a vacation so they can finally breath. This is why I became a coach, my higher purpose, a way of being a positive catalyst of change in this world.

Not only do I honor my higher purpose I also honor my value of freedom and travel the globe as a digital nomad.  I am living the life I always thought I was unworthy of.  Including renting cabins along the coastline in Nicaragua for months at a time soaking in the rays while I serve clients. My health has improved dramatically. Weight is melting off with out a diet. Living happier has also melted YEARS off of my face. Living your best life is better than botox!  I want to help you too live your best story. Discovering your purpose in life. 

Most importantly, I can show you how to dig yourself out of a rut.

Do you want to finally get aligned with your life purpose?

I have the skills and know how to get you there. 

It is time to Evolve and Rise Up!



To your success, 

If you are thinking - My life sucks right now, my life is boring, I feel trapped. Stacy Laine owner of Evolve and Rise Up is a Mindset Life Coach that helps motivated people like yourself create a life you don't want to escape. No longer will you wonder how to make people like you.

Nearly 20 years of corporate management including all aspects of recruiting, team building, and department creation. Worked in union and non-union environments. 

If you are thinking - How to stop feeling stuck. Stacy Laine owner of Evolve and Rise Up is a Mindset Life and Business Coach that helps motivated people like yourself on how to create a new path forward. No longer will you wonder how to make people like you.  Logo
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Gaining Clarity and focus

My style is centered around visualizing. Seeing the big picture and getting crystal clear on what you want. As well as discovering your purpose in life

Huge Note-Worthy Things I Have Quit