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Individual 60 Minute Sessions

Looking ahead into possibilities and solutions

Are you stuck in a job that you are ready to escape from and start working for yourself? 

Or are you a business owner and looking on how to reach more clients, make more money and feel currently stuck and overwhelmed on how to move forward? 

I am here to provide you that thought sound board, a deeper dive into your own wisdom, clarification of what you are not sure on, and accountability when you need it. Let me help you make business building less over-whelming, more fun and a process that is more rewarding and no longer draining.  

I also understand that building a business can be financially draining and you don't want to go broke in the process of getting your business off the ground. My sessions are affordable, flexible and require no long term commitment. You get what you need to soar your business forward.

Get the help you need by scheduling a discovery session today. 

  • Ensuring your business is aligned to your unique values, talents, skills, experiences and passion

  • Mindset and self confidence

  • Powerful brainstorm sessions to help you gain clarity on solutions needed for your business. 

  • Create bite-sized mini goals on a schedule that makes the process of what you need to do less over-whelming. 

  • Accountability to keep you moving forward. 

  • Defining your niche. 

  • Refine and clarify your initial offering and services

  • Define and detail your target audience; who do you intend to serve & why? We will step right into your ideal client's shoes and look at the problems they face and what and why would they be attracted to your product/service. We will also work on capturing their language (what words do they use) so you can enhance your marketing. 

  • Development of an overall marketing plan how to create brand awareness, how to capture leads, and build an online presence. 

  • Pricing strategies. 

My sessions are conducted via video or phone so feel free to get into your comfy clothes and join me for a fun empowering session. 

Business Plan Template - Free copy with paid hour

Getting Started Is Easy

This is an incredible investment in your business 

What to expect when working with Stacy Laine Master Mindset Life Coach helping clients with self esteem confidence and building a life you love.

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