5 Things I Wish I Knew Much Sooner - Leaving The Corporate World To Become A Digital Nomad

I am going on now nearly a month of social isolation in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua and it has given me a lot of time to just sit and think. Even though I am here by myself and can no longer go to some of my favorite cafe's I am doing more than ok.. I am in a resort overlooking the ocean, working on my tan, helping people, and making money.

This is my current view from my private deck of my casa. Not bad eh?

Over a year ago I would have never imagined this life. I was stuck in my corporate middle management for a bizillion years, actually only about 20 years.. Stagnant in life. No vacation. Struggling with health issues. That reminds me it has been well over a year since my eye twitched.

There are some things that I wish I knew that could have helped me get here faster.

I Wish I got Clear on What Success Means To Me Sooner

Once I got clear on what I wanted in life a huge relief rolled off of me. Like most people I assumed success was to climb to the top of the corporate ladder and make loads of money. So I climbed the ladder made 6 figures and I was still miserable.

When I stepped back to think of WHY I was doing this I found out that I had an old story of trying to make my parents proud. I tied my success to their sense of happiness for me.

Finding what made me feel successful took digging but ultimately it is to have my freedom to roam this planet, live comfortably, help others get unstuck, and have income that supports my journey forward. If you are currently feeling stuck and miserable define what is success to you. How will you feel when you obtain it?

I Wish I Listened To My Body Sooner

Remember in the last paragraph I told you I was miserable. Well that miserableness can take up space in your body. I spent years going to the doctor to put "band-aids" on problems. Here is a short list of what I struggled with:

  • My weight ballooned out of control. Top weight 350 lbs.

  • Migraines. And regular headaches.

  • Eye twitches.

  • Irrational crying - No reason - I would just cry.

  • Irrational anger - shaking anger.

  • Battled depression.

  • Panic attacks.

  • Lack of energy to do anything.

  • Sick all the time - I caught every cold and flu.

My body was sending out the SOS and I wasn't listening. I would take another pill, pour myself another drink, smoke a joint, or even smoke another pack of cigarettes. I actually thought of how tough I was pulling myself together every day to go to work.

I wished that I listened to my body. Our bodies hold so much wisdom and mine was on the verge of collapsing.

I am now in the process of healing the damage of years to my body. What I have seen is years of aging started to disappear from my face. I started to actually look younger once I started to focus on my health. I haven't had a headache in a year. My energy is not always off the charts but better then it has been. I also don't get sick like I use to.

I Wish I Stopped Wasting Money On Schooling That Did Not Align With My Goals

I don't know how many thousands of dollars I have thrown towards my education. Schooling that would go no where for me. Like the year of graphic design schooling (how am I using that today?). I could have saved HEAPS of money if I just would have hired a coach to help me get clear on what schooling was needed.

I Wish I Stopped Spinning on My Past Sooner

Therapy has a place in my life. It has helped me be able to talk about my old wounds. But, that is the extent of what I got out of it. 15 years into therapy I still sat on the couch talking about the same old wounds. Don't get me wrong therapy has a place but I wasn't looking forward. I instead sat and spun on WHY did that happen to me.

I worked with a NLP practitioner that helped me move these old wounds into the past so I could move forward. My therapy sessions became less and less frequent. The weight of my past started to dissolve till it was no longer a burden I had to continue to pack around.

I Wish I Knew Living Abroad Is Not as Hard as I Thought it was in My Head

Working remotely is not as challenging as I thought it would be. Living abroad is easy peasy. The hardest part was creating my own business. For years I stewed on all of the challenges of living like this. Rubbish! Buy a ticket, rent a place, and work. There are all sorts of options such as - blog writing, ghost writing, teaching a language, coaching, ect. There are multiple different Facebook pages that are dedicated to Global Nomadic Life and post jobs daily.

Overall, my new lifestyle has helped me gain alignment in my life. I am happy with the journey my life is taking me. I no longer feel stagnant, stuck, or even trapped in this life or job. My health and well-being increase by the day. I finally fee in control of where I am going. If I knew all of the above earlier in life I would have been on this journey much sooner.