8 Tips to handle stress during the Coronavirus outbreak

How to handle stress during the Coronavirus outbreak. Many of my clients have shifted gears to discuss the new focus on self-care during this challenging time. Here is a list of subjects that we focus on to help with stress.

Think in opportunities not limitations: Instead of thinking of what can't you do think about what CAN you do. We can often get caught up in limitations and that can create stress. Currently, I am STUCK in Nicaragua instead of thinking of what I can't do because I am down here I am making the best out of it. I have switched gears and focusing my efforts locally here in Nicaragua to connect businesses with the community in these troubling times.

Understand the thought behind the stress feeling: What is the thought that is causing the stress? What can you control and what is NOT in your control. Does it serve you to be stressed about what you have no control over? What steps can you take on what you do have control over?

Quote by Brene Brown

Stress due to procrastination: I have my clients do the following activity: write down the following statement:

Doing this will be for my own good. ______ will benefit me in the following ways________. I will take care of _____ today as it is for my own good.

Exercises: I have encouraged my clients and taking the same advice to exercise. Join an online yoga meetup. Watch a yoga video on youtube and follow along. Go for a walk if that is possible. I am currently maintaining my 10k steps of social distance walking the beach morning and night.

Financial Stressors: Back to the thoughts around limitations. What can you do right now to make income? Ask yourself this. What are the opportunities? Can you create payment plans or delay payment without fee? Look at what you can do.

Practice Gratitude: Take a moment to pause and enjoy your staycation. Can you name at least 10 things you can be grateful for that surround you? I challenge you to do so.

Practice Mindfulness: I am a huge fan of the 10 minute mindfulness videos you can find on Youtube. Breath/exhale and take note of your body - get back in touch with it.

Stop Buffering Your Feelings: this includes drinking, over eating, or other ways of numbing the stress. This only makes matters worst. Again, take note of the feeling, examine it and understand the thought behind it. What do you have control over and what are you spinning on that you have no control over?

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