Affirmation Statements - I must stop, take a breath, and enjoy my life.

All the possessions in the world mean nothing to me if I cannot take time to enjoy them. In my pursuit of material success, I take time to stop, take a breath, and really make the most of the opportunities that life has given to me.

I let go of all feelings of guilt for taking time out for me. I know that I will be more productive down the road if I take regular time to rest and enjoy what I have earned.

Taking time to relax and play also increases my creativity.

Some of my best ideas come to me when I am relaxed and at peace. By allowing myself to disengage from the stress and routines of everyday life, I allow doorways in my mind to swing open that would have otherwise remained sealed tightly shut had I remained at my desk.

Also, what I've earned means little unless I take time to share it.

A freezer full of frozen goods is just a box of food. Sure, it spells security to me to know that I won't go hungry, but beyond that, it does nothing for me. But when I invite family and friends to come and share in my bounty, then I experience true pleasure. And in the process, I deepen the bonds that make my life worth all the effort I put into it in the first place!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When was the last time I allowed myself to take a break and just enjoy life?

2. What time can I set aside during this coming week to relax?

3. Do I allow myself the pleasure of deepening bonds through sharing the wealth?