Holiday Loneliness

Do you struggle with a huge sense of loneliness around the holidays?

Real Introvert Talk: Me too. 👋🏼 hi -

I would sit around and wait. Wait for someone to message me. Wait for an invite. Wait for a sense of belonging.

I would also sit around over too many hot toddys while stuffing myself with Chex mix to numb the lonely feelings while wrapping some gifts for myself to put under the tree. - Here is what I have learned and a couple of things I do to ensure that I feel connected and belong: -

Part of why holidays feel more lonely for many people is that our society has high expectations for this time of year.

Socialize - We have to get over the waiting for someone to invite us and just get the courage to go out. There are opportunities such as going to a meetup group that can help us feel connected to people with similar interests.

Focus on Gratitude - Pause and look around you and what you have in your life. - Connect with Others - Reach out to friends, coworkers, and family. Others, may feel similarly and are just waiting for an invite too.

Examine your Feelings - Is the lonely feeling a year long thing that just gets more apparent around the holidays? You may want to examine the thoughts behind your feelings of loneliness. What else is there?

Just remind yourself this:

👉You have complete control of how isolated you are.

👉If you focus on what you don’t have you will notice more of what you are lacking.

👉People ARE not mind readers.

🧠 Nor can you assume that they understand you are feeling lonely and needing a sense of belong. REACH OUT to them.

Tis the season to feel connected.

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