How do you prioritize yourself?

On your TO DO list where do you find yourself?

  • On the bottom?

  • Middle?

  • Or at the top?

Um what? I am supposed to be on a to do list??

Or did you just think about your preferred sexual position of middle? Well, maybe this article isn't geared for you. You got A LOT going on there with the prioritizing yourself.

With facing a busy schedule - whether it is deadlines, work, pets, housework, school, family, ect.

  • How do you carve out time for you?

  • How do you practice self-care?

How can you take care of everything else if you don't replenish yourself?

If you are not replenishing yourself you may be feeling depleted.

Have you lost touch with how to prioritize yourself?

This is above and beyond showering, brushing your teeth, flossing(your dentists will always know if you don't ), and other basic self care.

The stuff we zombie walk through every did I floss today?

What I am talking about is how to prioritize yourself - what brings you joy or enhances your well-being? If, you are not sure what brings you joy or enhances your well-being I want you to


right now and think of something you have done that you simply lose time doing or it is something that makes you happy.

Got a few things - make a list. It could be as simple as calling a friend, going for a walk, taking a bath, painting your toe nails, get a hair cut, meditation, play with your dogs, ect. Or perhaps step out of your comfort zone and take an art class, join a yoga class, take a road trip, go exploring where you live, go to a meetup group, ect.

Be creative on carving out YOU time

Keep in mind these things don't have to be HOURS. With your busy schedule HOW much time can you give YOU.

Do you commute? If so is there something you can add to your commute that benefits you beyond -just sitting there. Perhaps a meditation soundtrack, audiobook, audio language course, or even podcasts that engage your mind - my favorite one currently on well-being and thinking consciously is The Life Coach School.

Do you have breaks in the day? Can you go for a mini-walk around the block?

What other creative ideas can you incorporate into your busy schedule.

Can you incorporate any of these ideas you come up with into you schedule soon?

Try keeping it healthy

Try switching up that cocktail at the end of the night with tea or soda water. Smoking - try taking a walk while you smoke. Switch up the "sweet" reward with a healthier alternative like fresh fruit. Like video games incorporate one that takes you out of your home and gets you walking like Pokemon - yes, I said Pokemon. What?? Walking around hatching Pokemon eggs isn't for you? What healthy alternatives can you incorporate into you daily routine?

Try to eliminate distractions

When you take YOU time, try to free up distractions. At this moment you are focused only on you not deadlines or other life demands. Try to put the phone away.

Does it make you feel guilty?

If it makes you feel guilty what is the thought around this guilt? Guilt is a feeling, there is a thought behind it. What is that thought and try to challenge it. Common feelings that trigger guilt are - I am not worthy, others are more important than me, ect. Examine these statements and see if you can reframe them. Reframing means find the opposite. Or disprove - how am I not worthy? How am I not important?

Do others make you feel guilty for self-care?

How do they make you feel guilty? Make fun of you? If they are no ok with you taking care of yourself, how much do they matter? How much are you letting their opinions matter to you?

Remember - YOU MATTER.

Are you ready to prioritize yourself?

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