How to STOP hopping to another TERRIBLE job

One of my former colleagues recently came to me for a professional reference. I asked her what place she is applying for and she sent a link to the job ad. I looked the company up and couldn't find much information on them. Their website lacked depth but did mention they have been in business for over 20 years. This made me scratch my head on why there is no info online about a company with that type of tenure. Intrigued, I went back to my former colleague and asked why she was applying for this job.

Anything would be better than here.

I then asked her if she thought clearly about what she wanted in her next job. Her response:

I'm flexible...

I then asked her what she REALLY wanted in her next job. She said she wanted to work from home, have great benefits, and work with fun people. None of her wants matched anything in the job ad she shared with me. Nothing told me that they were fun people to work with, the job was not remote, and the benefits did not compare to what she currently had.

Anything would be better than here

I am sure you have heard people say that before or you have said it. So before you jump ship for the next crappy job please take to heart the below information. Perhaps it can help you find a job you actually love.

Take a moment to pause and figure out what do you really want

  • Prior to job searching get out a piece of paper. Draw a vertical line down the center. Label the first column - What I don't like about were I work? Second column - What do I really want in my future job?

  • In the second column try not to use negative words like "don't or shouldn't" or negative phrases. Instead of writing what you do not want write what you do want.

  • Now flip the paper over and write your values. What do you value? Honesty? Integrity? ect.

  • Keep this paper and refer to it when applying for jobs. Use this information to formulate good questions to ask in interviews.

Do your homework

  • Use websites like Google reviews, Glassdoor, Yelp reviews, etc to get a better insight on a company you are interested in applying to.

  • Does the company use social media? If so, take a look at it.

In the meantime

  • Focus on doing your current job and your attitude. Can you gain work references from any of your supervisors?

  • Remember to stay focused on your list. If you apply for a company that doesn't match your want list perfectly make sure the job aligns with your values. Your values are non-negotiable.

Best of luck on finding a job that holds true to your wants and values.

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