My 2 Week Transformation During Covid-19

The last month has been rough on me. I am still stuck here in Nicaragua. My flight back to the states was cancelled and then cancelled again. Flights moved to May.... then June... and now July. I am missing my partner heaps!

I originally planned to be here for 3 weeks.

I have moments that all the feelings hit me hard and freeze me and spin my mind out of control.

I also worry that if I get covid-19 my lungs won't survive it with 18 years of previous smoking (quit over 2 years ago).

I have to remind myself what I have control over - and that is me. I can't control flights, I can't control what is happening in the world. I can't control. I can't control how other people think or feel.

I can only control me.

I need to work on my self care. I need to increase my lung/heart strength. When I do travel back to the states I may catch covid-19 and I want to make sure I have a fighting chance.

So, I started jogging 2 weeks ago. I have NEVER in my life jogged. Sure I did brief jogging/running in boot camps or in high school but never did this as my own decision. I actually do not like jogging - even after these 2 weeks. I do like the benefits.

To keep this easy on my body I started out with 60 seconds jogging to 30 seconds walking intervals. I made every effort to get out early to do this as the temperature every day here skyrocket to 95 by 10 am.

I was nervous for sure to get started. I am pigeon toed and in my head I run like a new born baby giraffe. I also was not keen about running publicly. What if people see me? I don't have a sports bra what if people stare at my bouncing boobs? The only people I see who do run on the beach are like a size 0 and I don't look like them. Will people be icked out by my buckets of sweat pouring out of my body.

We all have those gremlins in our minds that limit us. Tell us what we can't do. What we are not worthy of.

I put on my Teva sandals (I need to buy running shoes) and said to myself.

Not today brain gremlins. Not today.

And out the door I went.

What actually happened:

People didn't even really notice me jogging. People who knew me gave me thumbs up! Waved and even yelled out "good job!" First few times my heart fluttered on how they would react.

  • It sometimes amazes me the crazy stuff my mind makes up about the unknown. Stepping out of your comfort zone can help build confidence and remind your brain that everything is not always doom and gloom.

The swirling in my brain stopped. I would count my steps in my head 1 t0 30 walking and 1 to 60 jogging. My brain couldn't do that and dwell on the crazy stuff going on in the world at the same time.

I got more in tune with my body and less busy in my head.

My body sweats. A lot. Still does everyday. I think of it as my glitter sheen. It only gets annoying when it rolls down into my eyeballs. I drink more water which is filling and I end up eating less.

I feel better mentally overall. My stress, frustration, anxiety simply melted away.

My body has gotten stronger. The first week I struggled with breathing, soreness, maintaining the intervals. 2nd week it got easier. I am also breathing deeper. I feel more confident in my health if I am faced with battling covid-19.

I just started the 3rd week and I have increased my intervals to 70 seconds jogging / 30 seconds walking.

The perk that I totally didn't expect was how fast my body transformed. I have already been walking 10k steps a day without any dramatic or quick body changing results. Just after 2 weeks of jogging my body quickly started transforming. I only noticed it in my pictures - I still don't see it looking at my body. I have no scale here so I have no clue if I have lost any weight which actually wasn't even my goal.

The picture on the right - April 15th and the one on the left is April 29th.

I challenge you, if you are on lock down and feeling frozen. Your brain is spinning any your body is stiff. It is time to move your body. Do it for your body and mental health.

  • Find an accountability partner - a friend, family member, or a coworker. I created a free WhatsApp group of women cheering each other along. You can create your own WhatsApp group. Post on your social media daily what you have done. How else can you hold yourself accountable?

  • Focus on why moving your body is important to you.

  • Pay attention to what excuses your brain gives you - not enough time, it is raining, nothing to wear... blah blah blah. These are only excuses. What can you do to counter the excuses if your brain is telling you not to do it.

  • How does moving your body feel?

  • Set attainable short term and long term goals - I started out with the 5k a day step goal. Moved it up to 8k then to 10k. Then I started adding on the jogging. Small attainable steps forward. My goal is to jog in 2 minute intervals by the end of May.

  • Reward yourself - Last night I dived (nearly face first) into a quart of vanilla caramel ice cream as my 2 week - go Stacy reward.