Top 7 Ways You can Prepare for an Interview

Preparing for an interview can be exhausting, stressful, and scary. Especially, if you haven't done an interview in years.

My background is nearly 20 years of hiring experience and I want to share some great advice on things to do prior to an interview so you can get into the right empowerment mindset:

👉Get clarity of why you want the job - write down all the reasons WHY you want the job. Say the reasons out loud. Get excited about the reasons. Review the companies website and social media and grow your list of reasons.

👉Eliminate ANY doubts, unworthiness around the job - you need to resolve this prior to the interview. When I was a hiring manager I can tell when someone walks in still on the fence and not completely onboard with wanting the job.

Money shouldn't be your ONLY reason. Again, the hiring manager will see right through that - they want someone who wants to be apart of their team. If they were looking to hire someone just to simply put them on their payroll they can hire ANYONE. Why do they want you? Think outside of money.

👉Feel worthy of the job. Why you are the best fit for the job? How you will ROCK the job. Why SHOULD you be the hiring managers top candidate?

👉Create empowerment statements to say before the interview. While you are driving to the interview or getting ready for the interview. Don't give yourself any space to allow your self to slide into doubt/fear before the interview.

Empowerment statement example: (company name) wants me to be on their team. They know that I am the best at leading people and helping them decrease their turnover rate in turn will save them so much money. They need me on their team.

👉Power suit - Wear something that makes you feel good. Don't wear something that is professional but extremely uncomfortable. If those shoes are pinching don't wear them. If you don't comfortable in confident in the outfit pick another one. Don't wear fussy print that can be challenging on the eyes. Don't wear a heap of layers that hide you. Super tip - do not wear perfume or cologne to an interview. As a person who is allergic to scents I would cut the interview short so I can get fresh air.

👉Body language - I am all about getting into your power pose. Go somewhere and pose like a super hero with your hands on your hips and head up. Breath through your gut. I GOT THIS. Remember shoulders back and head up.

👉Get excited about the job. Visualize your self working the job. See yourself at this job. What it would be like to work with the various people on their team.

You got this!

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