Ultimate Guide to Indoor Stuff to Do

Resources List

These resources will help turn your time while stuck indoors into a time of fun, learning, and family camaraderie.

Read a Great Book

  • Amazon list of 100 books to read in a lifetime

  • Libby connects to your local library and has both audio and eBooks.

  • Scribd has a large library of audiobooks, eBooks, and even digital magazines.

  • Audible has a huge catalogue of audiobooks.

  • Librivox makes public domain audiobooks available for free.

Create Your Own Film Festival

Take an Online Class

  • edX has thousands of courses from top institutions like Harvard and MIT.

  • The Great Courses has courses on everything from photography to secret societies to algebra.

  • LinkedIn offers courses on a huge variety of business subjects.

  • Masterclass offers courses taught by experts in their field (James Patterson, Steve Martin, Gordon Ramsay, and more).

  • Udemy offers a wide variety of affordable and free online courses.

Plan a Trip

  • Google Maps allows you to place pins on specific locations that you’ll be visiting.

  • Google Trips app scans your inbox for things like hotel reservations, car rentals, and itineraries. Then it organizes them together.

  • The Lonely Planet app has guides to thousands of cities which provide tips and advice from experts.

  • Google Earth uses satellite imagery to give you a detailed look at millions of locations around the world.

Take a Virtual Field Trip

Connect With Family and Friends

  • The Houseparty app allows you to video chat with a group of people on your smartphone or computer.

  • Zoom is primarily designed for business use, but also works really well for video chat with a group of people.

  • Marco Polo enables you to send video messages to friends and family which they can view at any time.

  • WhatsApp is a group chat app that makes it simple to have text conversations with multiple people at one time.

  • Netflix Party allows you to watch movies along with friends and family. You can chat in real-time and everything is kept in sync for all parties.

  • Send greeting cards through Postable.

Practice Meditation

  • Headspace has a huge number of guided meditations, sleep sounds, mini-meditations, and more.

  • Calm offers numerous meditations of varying lengths, breathing exercises, nature sounds, sleep stories, and much more.

  • Aura offers personalized meditations, music, stories, and coaching based on your mood.

  • Glo combines yoga and meditation, allowing you to strengthen body and mind simultaneously.

Get Some Exercise

  • The Nike Training Club app offers more than 190 different workouts, all for free

  • If you use a Fitbit, consider using the Fitbit Coach app, which recommends workouts based on your activity.

  • If you’re pressed for time, the 7 Minute Workout app guides you through a quick cycle of proven exercises.

Tackle Some Home Projects

  • Home Depot has an extensive list of DIY projects you can do around the house.

  • Martha Stewart has all kinds of ideas to spruce up your space.

Watch a TED Talk

Explore Reddit

  • r/askscience - Deep dives into scientific questions and issues

  • r/todayilearned - Interesting facts that people just learned

  • r/Futurology - Explores the latest, most interesting technologies

  • r/nonononoyes - Entertaining video clips of disaster being averted at the last second

  • r/Gifs - A collection of the greatest gifs from around the internet

  • r/IAmA - Different individuals, including many celebrities, talk about the unique aspects of their lives

Learn to Play an Instrument

  • Yousician offers online lessons for a variety of instruments.

  • Guitar Tricks will help you get up and running quickly on the guitar.

  • Live Music Tutor connects you with musicians who will personally teach you to play your instrument.

  • Youtube offers lots of free videos on how to play an instrument.

Learn How to Code

Create a Family Website

Make a Movie

Play Word Games

Learn a Language

Activities Outside The Internet

  • Dress up fancy and have food delivered.

  • At home spa day.

  • Knit / Needlepoint / Crochet

  • Garden. If the weather is bad start seeds indoors.

  • Write letters to send to family and friends.