What to Expect in a Session with Me

I will ask provocative questions. I know the inner wisdom of my clients will provide just the answer they need in order to take the next step. I ask introspective questions about beliefs and ways of being open to greater possibilities of your vision.

As I ask these questions I will be pulling you into your conscious brain. This is where your wisdom is. Where you have the ability to move forward and look at life through a new lens.

I give information, education, and direct advice from my own experiences and education in coaching when asked.

I will draw from a wide variety of coaching tools and techniques that I have studied over the years, including NLP processes as appropriate in our coaching relationship.

I provide support and direction by holding your strength, powerfulness, and wholeness for you, even when you get momentarily blinded by fear.

I will hold your agenda and goals foremost.

I will be on time for your calls and if I need to cancel or re-schedule, to do so within the 24 hour policy.

I will be your coach, versus your friend.

I will keep all our conversations private and confidential. If you want to share with others, this is up to you.

I am a life coach not a lifetime coach. My goal is to help you develop the tools and know how to move forward on your own. I am more like the training wheels on a bike and eventually those wheels come off and then you are flying forward on your own.

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