What to think about when you are wanting to hire a coach

When hiring a coach there are a lot of choices out there. Whether you pick me or someone else I want to bring some things to your attention so you are getting the most from your investment.


Unfortunately, the coaching field is unregulated. Meaning, anyone can jump into it without education because it isn't required by anyone - but you. Even though it is unregulated it doesn't mean investing in coaching is a waste of money. Very much the opposite, long as you do your homework.

Suggested Educational questions to ask:

  • What is your background?

  • Where was your training?

  • How long was your training?

  • How many total hours?

  • What school?

  • Can you provide me the school website info?

  • Are you participating in continued education?

Nitty Gritty questions to ask:

  • Do you have a client/coach agreement?

  • Intake forms?

  • Code of ethics?

  • Testimonials?

  • Do you specialize on what I want to focus on?

  • LGTBQ welcoming?

  • Do you offer in-between sessions?

  • How will you support me on achieving my goals?

  • Sessions - audio, video, or in person?

  • What is your coaching style? Gentle, firm, encouraging, structured, aggressive, ect?

  • In addition to coaching what other tools/techniques do you utilize? Such as NLP, tapping, yoga, ect.

Free Consultation?

Most coaches offer free first (sometimes called: consult/discovery/introductory) sessions. This is a great way to see if both of you mesh. Also, this is a great way to pay attention to the following:

  • Was the call overly sales pitchy?

  • Was the coach pushy?

  • Did the coach listen to you?

  • What does your gut say?

Getting the benefits from coaching depends on you

If you are not ready to look at life through a new lens, then do not hire a coach. If you expect your coach to do everything for you and you can kick your feet up and do nothing - then this is not for you. Think of coaching as an investment into your future. The insights you will learn from someone like me is priceless and will stay with you the rest of your life.

Will coaching be too much if you are already doing therapy?

If you are going through therapy you can still do coaching! I think of it as a power package - past healing and future planning. Let your coach know if you have a therapist. So when something comes up during a session your coach can just remind you to tuck that "past" aside for your therapy session.

Another important note - communicate. If you don't like your coaches techniques, it is up to you to say something. Coaches "should" be trained to do level 3 type listening but that doesn't make them mind readers. It is up to you to tell them what you need. If you need encouragement let them know. If you don't like the exercise they have you do, let them know.

You are in the drivers seat when being coached, not in the backseat.

Main differences between coaching and therapy.

  • Coaches view clients as whole with a bundle of unique gifts fully equipped to slay their goals. Whereas therapy looks to resolve a past pain.

  • As a coach we focus on your amazing future and present, whereas therapy often looks to the past.

  • Coaches empower their clients to solve their own problems, whereas therapy offers guidance and direction.

  • Coaches fully trust that their clients are creative and resourceful people.

  • Coaches may offer packages that may include other tools to bring to coaching sessions such as NLP, tapping, yoga, consulting, ect. Check on what additional tools your coach offers.

  • Coaching is here to get you rolling towards your goals so the coaching relationship may be short-term, whereas the therapist-client relationship is often a longer-term one.

  • Coaches don't diagnose unless they are a therapist also. Only therapist and health professionals can diagnose. The coaching relationship with you is to develop an increased awareness of your choices. Coaches will encourage you to develop more behavioral flexibility, to try the unfamiliar, to venture into new territory at your own pace.

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